New old ideas: Badges!

New old ideas: Badges!

Such a short novel

John is a technician working on a big project. Suddenly his PM left for master studies and indicated him as substitute.

The company accepts the suggestion with one condition: John will receive coaching sessions from a senior.

3 years later John got his PMP and in 5 years was considered a Senior on his company.


Such a short novel, isn’t it? I believe things could be a bit more exciting over the path… with new accomplishments every year. But how to give people this sensation? Using the Games concept of Badge.

Badges for Project Management Achievements

PMI already collects many information from our PDU registration: trainings, lectures, project effort, volunteering etc

Why not to define “Achievements” that deserve a BADGE? This way each PM could have his ACHIEVEMENT PANEL.


  • Managed 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 projects
  • Managed a project over 5 million USD.
  • Managed 100 employees in a project
  • Presented a paper on an International Seminar
  • Performed 100 hours of PM trainings as a teacher
  • Trained 1000 people on PM knowledge
  • etc

Commemorative badges

  • PMI centennial
  • Managed a project for the Brazil world cup in 2012
  • etc

and why not sponsored badges??

  • Worked on IBM projects, Apple, Google etc
  • Used MS-Project (or other) in 40 projects
  • Managed projects using CMMI, ISO27000 etc
  • and others…

People can add the badges by themselves, no audits would be necessary (PMs are honest!)

We can use the badges to summarize achievements on resumes, add to websites, have a punctuation degree and even rank.

Head hunters could also start to use it to assess the professional experience (and stop asking so many strange questions)


Yeah!! surely and for many areas of work/knowledge, not only PMs.

After all, those who were born in the decades of 1970/80, love video-games!

Hey PMI, Linkedin, google, everyone… build us some badges!


Eli Rodrigues

Publicado por: Eli Rodrigues